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Sometime around second grade I decided to become an artist. I was a tenacious little thing, and managed to survive the early days of chopped-up bangs, weird bow ties and weird glasses that came into style fifty years too late.

Oh...and the braces with sharp metal pieces that stabbed and snagged my lips when I ate or talked.

But I survived, and fulfilled my childhood dream!

I live and work in the Hill Country outside Austin, Texas where plenty of deer and an occasional fox roam freely.


My studio is a charming little space with Mexican tile and french doors that open to a lush garden of native plants and my own welded sculptures.


I’m originally from Indiana, which explains my everlasting love for the Indiana Hoosiers and the sappy song Back Home Again In Indiana.

I served two years in the United States Army; it was the best decision I ever made.

Dream big and fly high! Am I right?

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