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If you're an agent looking for my MG novel samples,​ thanks for taking a look.

Please see the exploration of black and white illustration styles below for

BENJAMIN STRAW SAVES THE PLANET (part of it/probably/maybe/hopefully)

Page 1-Reed.jpg
Mrs. Morrow-3.jpg
Benjamin finds Blaze.jpg
TSA agent.jpg
my dad-ouch-spread.jpg

The following is a digital, more graphic black and white style.

Dr. Patel.jpg
Mr. Frost.jpg
Dr. Trenkner.tif
Ed Bunch.jpg

Recent Personal, Unpublished Paintings:

Facebook print.jpg

48" x 48" collage and acrylic on canvas

Untitled Painting_Print.jpg

48" x 48" collage and acrylic on canvas

The following are illustrations from a few of my twenty published picture books:

LRR 13.jpg
long rectangle 2.jpg
long rectangle 3.jpg
color 2.jpg
Orville jacket.jpg
LRR 18.jpg
rectangle 1.jpg
Little Stnker's Game sample art.jpg
LRR 32.jpg
long rectangle 1.jpg
LRR 21.jpg
color 3.jpg
color 4.jpg
LRR 30.jpg
color 14.jpg
color 13.jpg
color 11.jpg
Malala 2.jpg
rectangle 6.jpg
LRR illo 03.jpg
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