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If you are an editor or agent who has come to see illustration samples for my novel

The Girl Before A Bathroom Mirror, you're in the right place. 

I have temporarily placed sample spreads below, and a sample of hand-drawn headings.

I simply LOVE this book and can't wait to find the perfect editor agent to help me make it utterly magical for an upper middle grade audience.

Let's get to work!

This is Nurse Nelda, the bubbly, smiling nurse who delivers chemo to Posy's mom, and the other patients Posy gets to know.

Nurse Nelda.jpg
Jo Ellen spread 1.jpg

Jo Ellen Ober is the best friend who ditched Posy last summer. She was suddenly into makeup and boys, while her BFF Posy was still waiting for her flat chest to change.

Charlie spread 2.jpg

Charlie Dimego is the boy next door—a brainiac who just moved from Texas, and shares an insatiable love of art with Posy. He's a bit of a sissy, which is fine with Posy—even if he sometimes sounds a little too much like a walking dictionary.

T.G. spread 1.jpg

Every class has one of these: A sarcastic class clown who always makes dumb jokes and says the most inappropriate things.

Miss Brown teaches art, and a little bit of life, too. She knows how to take concepts like perspective and values, and apply them to the lives of her seventh grade students.

Miss Brown.jpg

If you're not good at being a guidance counselor—and Mr.Frost isn't—you can always use gummy worms to get a kid to open up. It's NOT working on Posy, though!

gummy worms-Wix.jpg
Part 2-Posy.jpg
Part 1.jpg

This 57,000 word MG novel will have lots of sketchiness ( that a word?) to reflect the fact that Posy's sketchbook documents her life as she deals with fears of abandonment, insecurity, hope, and all those seventh-grade issues.

Here's an alternate style for my middle grade novel The Girl Before A Bathroom Mirror:

Dr. Patel.jpg
Mr. Frost.jpg
Dr. Trenkner.tif
Ed Bunch.jpg
Chief Dimego.jpg
Office Lady.jpg
Dr. Nattam.jpg

I've illustrated twenty picture books over a thirty year career:

LRR 13.jpg
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long rectangle 3.jpg
color 2.jpg
Orville jacket.jpg
LRR 18.jpg
rectangle 1.jpg
Little Stnker's Game sample art.jpg
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Malala 2.jpg
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Mr. Ned Neary.jpg
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Piper character on paper.tif
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