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© 2018 by Lynn Rowe Reed

Yeah, well...we all start somewhere, and if we're lucky, we grow up!

Lynn  Rowe Reed is a prolific author and illustrator with twenty-five children’s books to her credit, thirteen of which she has both written and illustrated. Her books have been published by many New York publishers, including Random House, Disney, Farrar Straus Giroux, HarperCollins, Holiday House and Amazon/Two Lions. Reed’s work includes the illustrations for the hugely successful Punctuation Takes A Vacation. 

Reed has been writing and illustrating for thirty years, with work ranging from editorial illustration to publishing for all ages.

Skilled in photoshop, illustration, design, and production, Reed can carry a book from concept to finish.

And...oh, yeah, she's got a sense of humor and amazing work ethic!


These three illustrations were created for a Middle Grade Novel titled The Tissues Of Posey Bunch

currently being written and illustrated.

These two illustrations were created for a Middle Grade Novel titled WHEN TUMBLEWEED BLEW

currently being pitched to agents

The Author's Studio in Austin, Texas

I'm working on a middle grade novel for which I created this jacket design. Illustrations can be found on the Illustration Page. Check them out!

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